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The Conceptual Design Essential...

6SigmaRoomLite is the entry level module within the 6SigmaDC suite, providing a simple approach to the build of a scientifically accurate Virtual Facility - the key to data centerFree Trial optimisation and management.

The software offers a clear, simple and accurate view of conceptual design and environmental issues within data centers.

Model, test and analyse your data center in it entirety, including infrastructure, cooling, cabinets, equipment and much more.

For more comprehensive modelling, simulations can be transferred to 6SigmaRoom or 6SigmaFM which provide in-depth modelling and management.

Sign up today for your FREE 30 day trial of           6SigmaRoomLite and experience the 6SigmaDC
suite for yourself.

' At Keysource, we have great confidence in the functionality and results provided by 6SigmaRoom, which we have used for detailed engineering design and troubleshooting for the past four years.

We've also acquired 6SigmaRoomLite more recently, and find it works brilliantly as a simpler communications tool for use by anyone who requires it - for basic conceptual design, or even for sales and marketing purposes. '

           Mike West, Managing Director
           Keysource Ltd.


  • Overview
  • Features
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    Advanced Modelling Capabilities

      ▪ Uncompromised modelling detail for critical
        objects like floor grilles and blanking panels
   ▪ Detailed equipment libraries
      ▪ State of the Art Multi-Processor Solver with Batch
        Mode Capability
      ▪ Full physical modelling including buoyancy, in-
        cabinet recirculation, and more!



Optional Interactive Task Guide

      ▪ No training required
      ▪ Step-by-step guide with multiple wizards for easy
         modelling of typical data center objects
      ▪ Incorporates tutorial documentation          
      ▪ Tracks progress and recommends next logical
        modelling steps

  Full integration with the 6SigmaDC Suite

   Forward and backward compatibility with 6SigmaRoom
   provides an easy upgrade path for the future


Information at your fingertips

  Use what you already have:

      ▪ dwg (2D & 3D) CAD import
      ▪ Import table data for cabinet and IT equipment    

 get what you need fast:

      ▪ Html / PPT Report generation
      ▪ Png Image / dwg (2D & 3D) export
      ▪ WMV, Animated GIF movie export

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Building the Model

 Easy-to-use GUI giving full ability to create and change architectural geometry, cooling /
     ventilation, power and IT configurations.

  CAD import generating outlines for geometry creation. learn more

  Equipment data import from an existing inventory via neutral file format.

 Different cooling systems easily represented to allow for internal and external cooling units, raised     and non-raised floor systems, duct distribution systems etc;

  Intelligent modelling objects for easy representation of typical data center parts such as:

    - IT equipment;
    - Cooling units with different cooling media and fan types;
    - Power system components such as PDU, UPS, transformer…;
    - Air terminals such as floor grilles, square / rectangular diffusers, swirl diffusers etc.

 Extensive libraries of IT equipment, cabinets, cooling units, etc.

 Drag-&-drop items of equipment from the library for model creation and update.

 Use the 6SigmaCooling plug-in module to evaluate cooling in your data center.

 Quick views of:

    - Cooling load-distribution;
    - Cooling flow distribution and specifically grille flows;
    - Power distribution;
    - The overall thermal environment.

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White Papers

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Case Study: Simulation Tool Provides Insight into Performance Improvement of Cold Aisle Containment System.
The Benefits of Supply Air Temperature Control in the Datacenter.
Cooling Path Design; a simulation-based methodology designed to maximize IT equipment resilience and cooling energy efficiency.
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Cisco - Energy Efficiency Case Study
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Presentation: Proactive Airflow Management (as given at DCE 2011)
Presentation: Data Centre Modularity & the Virtual Facility (inc. Colt case study)
Colt Presentation: "6SigmaDC: The Only Way..." - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference
Integral Group Presentation: "Direct Liquid Cooling of OpenCompute Project Reference Design..." - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference
Intel Presentation: "New Standard for Data Center Thermal Sensors, Efficiency & Cooling Control" - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference
Future Facilities Presentation: "Welcome to the Model Data Center" - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference
Seminar Presentations from the 6SigmaDC Conference 2011 including Intel, Colt, Facebook, 451 Group, and DLB Associates
DLB Associates Presentation: "Achieving Energy Efficient Data Centers..." - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference
Presentation - Stulz & 6SigmaDC user Panduit present the benefits of CFD simulation!
The 451 Group Presentation: "Data Center Infrastucture Management Software..." - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference
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CFD Simulation - The Future of DCIM and DC Health

Media / Demos

Inside Business Report goes inside the Virtual Facility
Dr Jonathan Koomey speaks about predictive data center analysis

Hardware Recommendations

6SigmaDC is a program suite that will require different levels of hardware resource depending on the size and complexity of the models it is used to create and run.
For the sake of basic training and other small models (< 500sqft), it will run on a standard laptop with 1GB RAM and integrated graphics.
Any other modelling use is likely to require more powerful hardware.
The license server component, which can be installed separately on a remote machine, requires very little resource and should run on any supported Windows PC.
Supported Operating Systems. 32 and 64bit: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008.
Virtual machines are not recommended.

Example configurations for mid-range systems:
Laptop - Mobile Core i7, 4-8GB RAM, Discrete graphics, 500GB HDD
Desktop - Core i7 or Xeon UP, 12GB RAM, nVidia Quadro FX 580, 1TB HDD
Server - Xeon DP or MP, 32GB+ RAM, nVidia Quadro FX 1800, 1TB HDD



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