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6SigmaRoom 6SigmaDC Overview

Ground-breaking software for the DataCenter Industry

6SigmaDC is the unique software suite from Future Facilities for datacenter operators, datacenter designers, facilities managers, field engineers and equipment designers, in fact anyone who has an interest in contributing to designing and/or maintaining a model datacenter.

This comprehensive toolset allows you to build and test an entire Virtual Facility (VF) – the holistic 3D mathematical representation of your datacenter at any point in time – past, present and future. Indeed you can use software modules from the suite to check out the configuration at almost any level right down to the design of a specific item of IT equipment.

The VF provides a standard way for any stakeholder to share their ideas, plans and proposals with each other, so not only does it allow one to design or evaluate space, power, cooling and network decisions but the VF provides a great communication methodology between the interested parties. In fact it can be used to coordinate design, planning and implementation throughout the datacenter lifecycle. Here are just some ways in which the 6SigmaDC software can be used, whether for green-field site or day-to-day management:

Use the VF:

 To design, plan and configure your new facility,
    extension or upgrade:

    -  Consider architectural form (e.g. floor void height
       room shape), location and general methodology
       such as cooling in service corridors, perimeter
       cooling or in-row cooling;
    - Layout cooling, power & network infrastructure to
      meet the needs of the building plan and IT

  To manage IT deployment in the room to:

     -  Maximize cooling/energy efficiency;
     -   Balance power configurations;
     -   Improve cable routing;
     -  Maximize space utilization;
     -  Maintain your inventory, and
     -  Test changes before they go live;

  As a training tool to introduce new personnel to the
    datacenter without risk;

Design and plan your equipment configuration at:

  Room level;
  Cabinet level;
  Or if you are a supplier even the detailed design
     within the equipment itself.

If you have heard about or know Future Facilities and understood that the VF was just for cooling system design you’ll now realise that it offers much more than this, in fact, you can review or configure pretty much everything in your datacenter.

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Flexibility's the key!

Whether you are a designer, hardware manufacturer, or part of an operational management team, 6SigmaDC contains all the tools necessary to create your perfect Virtual Facility.


Room Level Calculations

6SigmaRoom and 6SigmaRoomLite take care of room level simulations while...

    Cabinet and Server Internals

     6SigmaRack and 6SigmaET allow detailed modelling
     of cabinet and server internals


Operational Management

6SigmaFM and 6SigmaITM facilitate perfect management, while other modules and plug-ins allow all other necessary detail to be included.


 Communication is everything!

  Utilise what you already have:

           ▪ csv / stl / dwg (2D & 3D) import from architectural               / asset / and monitoring tools
           ▪ 3rd Party DCIM integration
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 get what you need fast:

           ▪ Html / PPT Report generation
           ▪ Png Image / dwg (2D & 3D) export
           ▪ WMV, Animated GIF movie export

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